Children′s Day in Arts

International Children′s Day is one of the most celebrated holidays for children. Today it is celebrated on different days in different countries. In Turkmenistan International Children′s Day is celebrated on 1st of June. It is not only the first day of summer and the day of continuous summer holiday for school children, but it is also a date of greater significance for the future of the younger generation.

Protection of the rights of the child is prerequisite of the numerous international instruments and resolutions ratified by Turkmenistan, including the Convention on the rights of the child. This Convention provides for the right of children to life, the right to full development, the right to protection from harmful influences, the right to self defense and the enjoyment of their labor, and the right to universal participation in family, culture and social activities.

Turkmenistan has made great strides in implementing educational reforms, addressing environmental and cultural challenges, and tackling Children′s learning and leisure activities. The holding of various national and international creative competitions, as well as participation in international festivals of children′s and youth groups of Turkmenistan helps to develop children′s thinking and artistic enthusiasm.

Traditionally, creative meetings and speeches are held at the State Palace on this day. The Turkmen Puppet Theater invites its young audience to watch the play “Childhood Rainbow”. This day the exhibition “Happy Generation” is opened at the state Museum of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan and the Museum of Fine Arts.

The Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan conducted an International Painting Competition «Happy Childhood» for children dedicated to the announcement of 2021 as a year of «Turkmenistan – the Motherland of Peace and Trust» during May 1 – June 1, 2021. More than 1700 children from 15 different countries participated in this competition.  

Paintings were presented on such topic as «I love peace», «Turkmenistan – the land where dreams come true», «Beautiful sights of my country», «Happy childhood» and «Turkmenistan that I know».

We express our gratitude to all participants for wonderful paintings and active participation. The organizing committee has decided to increase number of winning places as we have received big number of interesting and exciting paintings.

Children differ from each other in terms of creativity throughout their ages.  Younger children, for example, tend to believe in fantasies and miracles, and adolescents already have attitudes toward real things.  This can be seen in their creative work, as well as in their paintings.  They are able to express their love for the beauty of nature, their family and their homeland in pictures.  This year’s competition for children’s rights held by the Ministry of Culture was held in the exhibition hall (gallery) of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan.  The children’s work was divided into ages 7-11 and 12-16 years old.  As I mentioned earlier, the pictures taken by children vary by age.  In the work of children from each state, one can see the characteristics of their country, their culture and their traditional rituals, as well as the peculiarities of the colors in it.

Gunel Javadova, who is from Azerbaijan, won first place in her work called “Beautiful sights of my country”. Her work was rich in national costumes, colors, and natural resources that are unique to the culture of her homeland. Anait Chahmahchyan, who is also from Armenia, in her work “Happy Childhood”  she has shown her family relationships, events that take place within her family, and the daily things she protects.

The work done by the children from the Indian state was even more astonishing and impressive.  The paintings they painted were done with vivid colors that were unique to their nature and culture.  They are pressed to paint images of mysterious creatures that are inherent in their nature.

Children from Uzbekistan painted pictures that can evoke a sense of patriotism in every person. Children from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus have worked on bright colors, they’ve shown friendship, solidarity and family love in their work.          Children from our state also won the best places.  For example, Jennet Mammadova painted Turkmen wedding, and Gurbanbibi Tuvakova has shown the lives of children who live in peaceful country, and Sulgun Amanliyeva has been selected as the one of the best artists for her amazing work.

The dream of the children of the world is one.  In their works of art, we always can see great peace, boundless pride and pure love, and the peace of the pure world.  It is for this reason that every artist wishes that these feelings would be absorbed into creativity.

Aylar Hallyyeva,
Student of The State Academy of arts of Turkmenistan


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