English Language Day held at Turkmen State Institute of Culture

In the prosperous epoch of powerful state under the wise leadership of our Esteemed President “the Concept of Improving the teaching of Foreign Languages in Turkmenistan” has been approved on December 22, 2017. All the conditions and opportunities necessary for the proper implementation of this Concept have been created in all educational institutions of the country.

Recently, our institute held English Language Day on April 23. The date is observed as UN English Language Day, every year. The day was established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2010 to celebrate the English language and multilingualism. This day was chosen because it is thought to be William Shakespeare’s birthday, and the anniversary of his death. As well as being the English language’s most famous playwright, Shakespeare also had a huge impact on modern-day English.

There are 6 UN official languages and their celebrated days are: Arabic – 18 December, Chinese – 20 April, English – 23 April (birthday of William Shakespeare), French – 20 March, Russian – 6 June, Spanish – 23 April (birthday of Miguel de Cervantes). Language Days are great for informing and developing knowledge and respect for the history, culture and achievements in each of these languages.

In the frame of UN English Language Day the teachers of Studying of World Experience department prepared presentations and competitions which involve all the students of our institute. Among them were : guessing game  “Famous phrases created by Shakespeare”, the reciting of Shakespeare’s sonnets and interesting facts about English language.

Ayna Ovulyagulyeva,
Lecturer at the Turkmen State Institute of Culture.


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