IUHD commenced a seminar on “Effective strategies in teaching English”

International University for the Humanities and Development commenced teacher training entitled “Effective strategies in teaching English” in the framework

of collaboration project with the Institute of National Security of Turkmenistan.

The objective of the training was to exchange pedagogical and methodological experiences in teaching English. Presentation topics covered:

  1. ESP (English specific purposes) and EAP (English for Academic purposes) in a globalized world: prospects and possibilities by A.E.Rahmanova.
  2. Contemporary approaches in teaching new vocabulary in the English language by A.A.Hojayeva.
  3. Correction techniques in English language teaching by L.O.Orazberdiyeva.
  4. Interweaving  teaching and student – centeredness within group activities by N.A.Durdiyeva.

According to the participants’ feedbacks, the teacher training was very informative and productive.

Language Learning Department of
International University for the Humanities and Development


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