English Week held at Turkmen State University

In the Prosperous epoch of powerful state under the wise and far-sighted guidance of our Estemeed President great achievements are being gained in all the spheres of life, as well as in educational sphere. One of the priorities of the state policy is modernization of education system.

In the year of “Turkmenistan motherland of peace and trust” all conditions are being created in our country, so that young generation has received an excellent education and upbringing. And much work has being done on the Concept of improving teaching of foreign languages and on the Conception of improving digital system in Turkmenistan. To improve the teaching of foreign languages interesting activities, language clubs, translation clubs and foreign language weeks are organised in Magtymguly Turkmen State University.

Recently, our university held English language week which involves all the students to take part in. In the frame of the English week the staff of the faculty of English language and literature run effective competitions among the students of our university. Such as, poem translation, composing a poem, voiceover, writing a composition, acting and singing songs in English and Turkmen, brain ring competition, decorating halls and doors of the faculty, making posters, preparing films and presentation and so on. And in the closing ceremony of the English week the active students and staff of our faculty and the winners of the competitions were awarded with Certificates.

Organising such competitions and foreign language weeks is the perfect opportunity for the students to practice language and to realize how important it is in society today.

At this point, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our Estemed dear Arkadag for creating all the necessary and modern conditions to study and learn foreign languages. Wishing him long life, sound health, success and prosperity in all his deeds!

Mahektach MAKSADOVA,
the 5th year student of Magtymguly TSU.


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