Entrepreneurs from Lebap province increase product export

Representatives of the private sector from the Lebap province are actively working to increase the export of products to foreign countries. Positive dynamics are noted in terms of exports of industrial goods and agricultural products. This information was reported by the news site jeyhun.news.

So, at the end of 2020, the revenue of individual entrepreneurs for the main types of export food products amounted to: tomatoes (over $ 3.4 million), green beans ($ 418.5 thousand), millet ($ 215.5 thousand). Among the leaders in this direction are such private enterprises: “Altyn Bürgüt”, “Mizemez”, “Beş Nur”, “Bereketli Jaý”, “Ahmet-Haýdar”, “Nurýagdy” and others.

As a result of the successful development of innovative methods of care and year-round cultivation of tomatoes in greenhouses, in 10 months, in 2020 Turkmenistan managed to increase export supplies of tomatoes up to 30 thousand tons.

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