13 February is a World Radio Day

World Radio Day is celebrated annually on February 13, starting in 2012, by decision of the General Conference of UNESCO.  In January 2013, the UN General Assembly officially approved the proclamation of the Day and during the 67th session adopted a resolution proclaiming February 13 as World Radio Day.

The date of the event was not chosen by chance – it was on February 13, 1946 that UN Radio first went on the air, the station of which was located at the headquarters of the United Nations.

As the founders of the holiday say, it should not only pay tribute to radio as a means of communication, but also serve to strengthen cooperation between everyone who is related to radio (be it large radio broadcasters or single amateurs), as well as contribute to both international media and  local radio stations to improve access to information and promote freedom of expression and gender equality on radio waves.  Indeed, in the digital age, radio continues to be a means of communication and communication for the largest audience in the world.

It is widely recognized as a powerful and low cost communication medium.  Radio reaches the most remote communities and the most vulnerable groups: the illiterate and disabled, the poorest people, women and young people, giving them the opportunity to participate in public discussions regardless of educational level.

In addition, shortwave broadcasting is often referred to as the “radio crisis”, since such broadcasting is the most efficient way of transmitting information when there is no electricity, no Internet, or a telephone.  What’s more, radio plays an outstanding role in emergency situations, facilitating disaster relief.

Therefore, UNESCO calls on all countries to take an active part in World Radio Day, which is held every year under a specific motto.

 In the digital age, radio continues to be a medium of communication and communication for the largest audience in the world.

In honor of this holiday, a variety of events are organized in many countries with the participation of radio broadcasters, other media, government and non-governmental organizations and the general public. Also on this day, any radio amateur is not ashamed to send as many congratulatory radiograms, as possible to his fellow hobbyists around the world.

In addition to World Radio Day, fans of this type of communication also celebrate World Radio Amateur Day.  It falls on April 18 – on this day in 1925, the International Amateur Radio Union was created in Paris, which initiated the holiday.

In some countries, including Russia, Radio Day is also celebrated – a date more familiar to Russians, than World Radio Day and International Radio Amateur Day.  Radio Day is celebrated on May 7.  It was on this day in 1895, that the Russian physicist Alexander Popov conducted the first radio communication session.


Muhammedowa Aybolek,

the 2 year student in the faculty of International Law
of the Institute of International relations of the
Ministry of foreign affairs of Turkmenistan.


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