YODA has released its first video clip

YODA musical group of teenagers has released its first video clip.

Young vocalists have perfomed remake song popularized by Shamyrat Orazov. The song named “World of Language” promotes the learning of languages.

YODA group is formed by the young students of Diller Dunyasi Language Center located in Ashgabat.

Musical arrangmenet was made by AR Production. The videoclip was produced by Mega Art Studio.

The YODA group is working on new projects.

Contacts of the Diller Dunyasi Language Center:
город Ашхабад, Жилой комплекс Парахат 3/2, улица Юнуса Эмре
(обьеденённый корпус с 57-й средней школой)
+99312450796, +99362533883


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