“Agayana” has launched a production of export-substituting products.

A private company “Agayana”, a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, is also making great efforts to contribute to the production of imported goods in our country, to increase the pace of production of industrial products.

Charyguly Berdiyev, the company’s director, said in an article published in the Rysgal newspaper on September 7, 2020 that export-substituting products had also been created in Agayan.

The main raw material for the products of a private enterprise located in Oguzhan district of Mary province is a mixture of cotton and wood.
The company’s production complex is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment from manufacturers from China, Turkey and Iran.

The company currently manufactures DSP and laminated DSP. These products are made to be environmentally friendly, easy to process.
The plant has a production capacity of 20,000 cubic meters per year. DSPs measure 1.83 – 2.75 meters in thickness and range in thickness from 8 millimeters to 24 millimeters. Today, about 50 people work here.

DSPs are mainly used to cover roofs and walls. It is also intended for use in the manufacture of various types of furniture, in the manufacture of shelves and doors, in the construction of fences, in the decoration of houses.
In the future, the company aims to enter foreign markets with its products.


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