Turkmenistan team won 4 medals at the IMChO

Secondary school students from Turkmenistan took part in the 54th International Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad in online format and won 4 medals: two silver and two bronze, reported by Turkmenportal.

Silver medalists: Berdigylych Rejepbayev, a 10th grade student of the State boarding school for gifted children and Davut Mukhammetgulyev, a 9th grade student of Ashgabat high school No. 86 specilized in English, Chemistry and Biology.

Bronze medalists: Yusup Dovletmuradov, 10th grade student and Gozel Dovranova, 9th grade student of the tate boarding school for gifted children.

The team was led by Nazar Mamedov, a chemistry teacher of the State boarding school for gifted children.

The online olympiad, which was attended by 131 students from 27 countries, was organized by a team of scientists from Moscow State University and the Olympic Organizing Committee.

Since this year the Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad was held online, only the 1st and 2nd rounds of theory were held.


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