Turkmenistan uses aviation to tackle infections

AN-2 light aircrafts spray disinfectants in the border areas of Balkan province and around the cities of Turkmenbashi and Balkanabat, ORIENT correspondent from the seaside region reports.

Spraying is carried out at two heights. To disinfect territories and roads near population settlements, “kukuruznik” flies twenty meters above the ground, leaving behind a stub of aerosol mixture with chloride solution.

While at a height of 50-60 meters, biplanes spray disinfectants to destroy pathogens in the air. The latter, according to Turkmen hydrometeorologists, are concentrated at a level of about 40 meters from the earth’s surface.

According to one of the instructor pilots, all work is carried out in compliance with recommendations of scientists and strict safety rules on use of disinfectants and their impact on human health and environment.

As confirmed by the Civil Aviation Administration of Turkmenistan, similar disinfection measures with involvement of aircraft that used in agriculture have already been carried out in other regions of the country – in the border districts of Mary and Lebap provinces. Such work will be continued.

In addition to light aircraft, off-road vehicles equipped with units for spraying disinfectants are involved in local decontamination operations.

As ORIENT already reported, scientists say there are evidences that bacteria and viruses can travel with dust for long distances. Pathogens tend to adhere to small, lighter organic particles in the air, allowing them to be suspended in the atmosphere for longer.

Therefore, the “bombing” of possible viruses from the air by light aircraft is completely reasonable measure to protect Turkmenistan from dangerous encroachment on human life and health.

Source: Orient TM


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