Admissions to higher educational institutions

Good news for school graduates: now the acceptance of documents for study at higher and secondary professional educational institutions of Turkmenistan is in full swing. And for those who want to continue their education, at the International University of Humanities and Development and the Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan named after Oguz Khan, documents are accepted for master’s programs.

If you knew from childhood who you want to become, then it should be easy for you, and you already know exactly where you will file your documents. But perhaps there are those who have not yet decided and do not understand where their heart is calling. It’s okay, because this year the entrants had a great opportunity to study in the newly introduced specialties. For those who are interested in foreign languages ​​at the Turkmen National Institute of World Languages ​​named after D.Azadi, young students will start learning Italian.

And the Turkmen State Pedagogical Institute named after S. Seydi included personnel in the specialties “German language and literature”, “Persian language and literature”. Reception of documents began on June 6 and will continue until the 19th of this month;

student of IUHD


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