The beauty of our Motherland

Each person manifests himself in different directions. An artist or musician, poet or writer creates his works under the influence of something beautiful. But Muhammet Amanmammedov is known as a person, who manifests himself in different areas at the same time. He is primarily a photographer, who is feeling the beauty of nature and the world, he is a well-known collector, he is a man who appreciates and respects science and art, and he is an honest retired colonel, who devoted his whole life to the service of the Motherland.

This is evidenced by the exhibition, which opened in the exhibition hall of the State academy of art of Turkmenistan. For this exhibition fully reveals the interests and multifaceted work of Muhammet Annamammedov. The exhibition consists of four parts: Photographs and video recordings, which glorifying the splendor of our homeland and sights of foreign countries, a huge collection of cameras, also a collection of military supplies. Its fifty thousandth photographs express the unique and amazing magnificence of nature. A talented photographer is not limited only to the national environment, his photographs, which taken in foreign countries like Germany, Switzerland, Vienna, Liechtenstein, the Czech Republic, and Belarus have greatly enriched his creative.

The central part of the exhibition is occupied by items belonging to World War II, military clothes, also photographs and reliable facts about the defenders of the Motherland. In addition, traveling through the exhibition, it is impossible to pass by a collection of cameras with indifference. It is a kind of symbol of the technological progress of the era. It presents different types of apparatus, their number reaches about fifty units.

                                                        Gulnara Kurbanmuhammedova,

student of the State academy of art of Turkmenistan


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