Purity of thoughts and moral aspirations in the month of Oraza.

One of the most admired holidays in the Islamic world is the day of fasting in the month of Ramadan. The Feast of the End of Lent or the Feast of Interchange, also called Eid al-Fitr, unites all Muslims. It is believed that the tradition of celebrating the end of fasting in the month of Ramadan originates in the 7th century, during the time of the Prophet Muhammad. The date of the event is unique for each year. In 2020, this date is May 24th. With the beginning of the holy month of the fasting of Ramadan or Ramadan-Bayram, the faithful Muslims have such a tradition – they congratulate each other, think not about material but spiritual values, indulge in rethinking their lives. Ramadan – the ninth month of the lunar calendar, which is one of the five pillars of Islam, is the holy month of abstinence. It concentrates moral and ethical ideals, integrity, cultural traditions, concepts of peace, friendship, mercy, and good morality transmitted from generation to generation.

In Turkic languages, the festival of Ramadan is called Uraza and Saum. For 30 days, refraining from eating in the daytime, Muslims close their souls to everything dark and evil, trying to keep their thoughts and intentions clean. At this time, great attention is paid to external and internal cleanliness. By inner purity is meant liberation from sinful thoughts and actions. The fast of a Muslim, whose deeds and thoughts are unclean and deceitful, is considered invalid. By tradition, charity sadakas are held in this month. The size of the offerings is regulated taking into account the income of each family. Of particular importance is the night from the 26th to the 27th day of the month of Oraz – Gadyr gijesi, or Omnipotence Night. It is believed that it was on this night that Allah sent the Prophet Muhammad in the form of a revelation of the Qur’an through the archangel Jabrail. In commemoration of Gadir Gidzhesi, a large-scale pardon is carried out annually in Turkmenistan. Hundreds of citizens who stumbled on a life path, but sincerely repenting, get a chance to start a new life. And this abstinence is not harmful, it is tolerated quite easily. The benefits of fasting have been known for a long time and are the liberation of the human spirit from negativity, life’s turmoil and accumulated irritations. It is noted that those who strictly observe all the requirements, after the end of Ramadan becomes more responsible in their actions. The benefit of the monthly limitation is that during this time a person cleans himself of all sorts of toxins. The benefits of restricting food and water intake from the point of view of traditional medicine are also proven and in some cases are widely used, because it is not for nothing that in many well-known clinics they often resort to therapeutic starvation in the treatment of some diseases. It is not allowed to eat food only at that time of the day when the sun is visible, and after it sets beyond the horizon, it is allowed to eat until dawn. There are a number of exceptions. Pregnant women who have given birth and nursing mothers, elderly people, young children, sick and mentally retarded people are not required to adhere to its rules. It is okay to do not follow all the restrictions for those who connected their lives with hiking or who are engaged in heavy physical labor. Fasting is prescribed to finish the morning meal (Suhur) half an hour before dawn and start a conversation (Iftar) as soon as it is allowed. It is recommended to talk with water, milk, fruits, dates and other light foods. This holiday identifies the desire for good, appeal to moral principles, spiritual purification and self-improvement. The creative potential of Islam is aimed at strengthening the traditional values ​​and humanistic ideals in our society and around the world. Fasting in the days of Ramadan reminds believers of mercy and forgiveness, humility and virtue.

We congratulate You with the coming of the month of Oraza and let your fasting and prayers be accepted by the Almighty,  we wish health to your family and friends, and peace to your families!

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