Food supplies in markets are sufficient during the pandemic

These days, when the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic plagued the world, many countries had to set strict isolation measures. Closed or established restrictive measures for border crossing and the implementation of international air, rail, road transport. Despite this, Turkmenistan has taken all precautions of importing and exporting essential goods.

Thanks to government programs approved by the President of Turkmenistan in May 2015 – to increase the volume of export products and the production of import-substituting products, a sufficient range of food products, medicines and consumer goods is produced in Turkmenistan. And the COVID-19 pandemic will not affect the provision of retail chains with local food products and medicines.

“The provision of retail chains in the capital is stable, uninterrupted. All markets and retail outlets of the capital operate as usual, having in their assortment a wide range of goods and food products, including fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy products, bakery products, cereals, legumes, vegetable oils, sugar, eggs, and canned goods and much more. For many years, most of the food is produced in Turkmenistan. Cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, bell peppers, beets, rice, melons, fruits, cereals and more are produced by local entrepreneurs. Also, on the basis of existing contracts, we purchase citrus fruits. Based on the agreements concluded with them, we provide our retail chains with locally produced foodstuffs, continuously replenishing them with storage facilities for reliability. In the new Gundogar market, there is a wholesale marketplace where the owners of outlets have the opportunity to purchase not directly from food producers, but in this market in the required volumes at a wholesale price. This makes trading more reliable and inexpensive for consumers. The food program is in the focus of the country’s leadership and our task is to timely and efficiently implement all state food programs for the provision of goods to the population, ”says the Deputy General Director of the Association of Markets in Ashgabat.


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