Dovletjan Yagshimuradov defended ACA championship title!

Turkmen fighter Dovletjan Yagshimuradov defended his championship title at ACA in half heavyweight category. This fight was the major event of the ACA 103 tournament held in St. Petersburg.

The rival of the Turkmen fighter was Russian Aleksey Butorin, who in two preceeding fights for the title won by knockout.

Both athletes had the glory of bright knockouts and many predicted early completion of the battle, but the fight turned out to be completely different.

The first round was held in careful observation. Each one tried to find the moment for an exact punch, but also miss could be as defeat. Butorin took the middle of the arena and several times tried to check Dovletjan for vigilance with strikes from a distance. But the Turkmen athlete skillfully responded with kicks to meet.

n the same manner, the second five-minute period began. However, a minute before the middle of the round, Yagshimuradov caught the Russian in an attempt to attack and shocked the opponent with a knee in the head. Taking advantage of his confusion, Butorin was able to transfer to the stalls, fixing from the back and periodically delivering short punches. Several attempts to stifle the reception did not go away, but in any case, the victory in the round was a clear advantage for the Turkmen.

The third round followed the scenario of the second with the only difference that Dovletjan succeeded in laying the opponent on the ground right at the very beginning. Butorin was able to escape once, but another beautiful throwover by Yagshimuradov immediately followed, again laying his opponent to the floor.

The last rounds should have been decisive, by this time the fighters of such weights are already exhausting and the probability of doing mistakes increases. The Russian understood that he was seriously playing on points and could only win by knockout, he went ahead. The Turkmen fighter had to defend himself, but he managed to take advantage from opponent’s unsuccessful high-kick. Again, he laid down the opponent to the ground. But this time not for long. The fight went into the rack, the athletes exchanged blows but at the very end of the round, thanks to the capture, Yagshimuradov again managed to land the opponent on the floor.

The main task of Yagshimuradov in the fifth round was not to allow Butorin to carry out a knockout blow and take advantage of the wrestling technique. It was possible to realize.

Only one out of five judges gave one round to Butorin, having counted the victory of the Turkmenistani 4: 1, while the others in all five considered the advantage to Yagshimuradov. Dovletjan successfully defended the title, remaining the owner of the ACA championship belt.

Dmitriy Vinokurov



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