What kind of services tourists can expect while visiting Dashoguz province?

Recent years Turkmenistan has shown a rapid growth in tourism. Currently there are 37 tourism companies registered as member of Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan.

Turkmenistan Airlines also extended its services by launching direct flight to several key destinations in Asia and Europe.

Flexibility on travel arrangements is one of the key factors in growth of tourism. Travel companies provide all the necessary services, including the paper work such as arrangements of LOI and visa applications.

Among the tourist attractions there are ancient monuments of Koneurgench city (Dashoguz province), which once was a capital of Khorezm State. This region has number of structures which are registered as UNESCO World Heritage units. Thousands of local and foreign tourists visit the historic city, to see the traces of Great Silk Road.

Minaret of Kultuk Timur, mausoleums of Torebeg Khanum, Sultan Il Arslan, Sultan Tekesh, Najmaddin Kubra, Sultan Ali, Daniar Vali, Dash Masjeed museum are just a few of several structure left from the XI-XII centuries.

Of cource, tourists also inquire services while visiting the historic city. It is practical for visitors to get all services like accomodation, meal and transport from one point. Dashoguz Tourism Company is one of the operators providing the range variety of tour services.

Atabay Kazakov, represenative of Dashoguz Tourism Company in Koneurgench gave short interview for the candidate guests. He says beside the visiting historical site, Dashoguz Tourism can arrange opportunities to do the picnic or yurt camping in desert with all the traditional and enthographic identities of Turkmenistan.



Koneurgench - city of magnificent history, where lived great scientists, humble darvishs and brave Jalalatdin. Such a great history, wish to have opportunity to visit this city in the future.