When is the Teachers’ Day?

If one is asked when is the Teachers’ Day, we won’t get an exact answer for that. Because every country celebrates it on a different occasion.

However, UNESCO has been celebrating World Teachers’ Day on October 5 since 1994. The main objective is to improve profession quality and working facilities of educators within the framework of the Sustainable Development Program in the field education, especially in higher education institutions. Teachers are the main aspect of development in education. Encouraging the teaching profession remains among the main subjects of the agenda.

UNICEF, UNDP, Education International and International Labour Organization also became a partner in the convention of 5th October as World Teachers’ Day.

Despite that Language Preparation students of International University on Humanities and Development have started their college life about a month ago, they have managed to adapt and get to know each other in a very short time. Lecturers have their relevant contribution to that, as well.

Students haven’t forgotten their lecturers on this remarkable day. Premises of the institutions were decorated and some preparations had been done. The teachers were given flowers and a surprise concert was organized. Various student clubs have contributed to their musical performances. There was also a short video presentation. Youth have addressed hearty wishes to their educators. Although the video material is amateur, it is proof that students have a high potential for the future.

So, I congratulate all educators on World Teachers’ Day!

Annasahet Amangeldiyew
IUHD student


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