October 6 – Memorial Day in Turkmenistan

October 6 is the Memorial Day in Turkmenistan. Today everyone commemorates the close ones that they lost, and conduct religious traditions, such as inviting to memorial meals, called hudayyoly sadaka.

In the capital, representatives of government, social and political organizations lay wreaths and flowers at the «Halk Hakydasy» memorial complex.

«Halk hakydasy» memorial complex, includes the 3 monuments:
— «Ruhy tagzym» monument — to commemorate the victims of Ashgabat Earthquake 1941,
— «Baky şöhrat» monument — in memory of victims of Great Patriotic War (1941-1945),
— «Milletiň ogullary» monument — in the memory of victims of the Goekdepe Battle in 1881.

«Watan mukaddesligi» museum, also serves as the information resource center about these events to the public.


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