The future of Zidane in Real Madrid depends on this football match

Spanish newspapers claimed that Real Madrid, which had two continuous defeats, entered into a crisis before playing “El Clasico” on Saturday and that the future of Zidane will be discussed after a new defeat.

The Spanish press claimed that Real Madrid, which lost 3-2 to Ukraine’s Shakhtar Donetsk team, which they hosted in their first match in the Champions League groups, was in crisis.

Losing the La Liga and UEFA Champions League matches in a row, Real Madrid was criticized in the Spanish press.

In his post-match press conference on Wednesday night, the coach of Real Madrid said: “We feel very bad. We made mistakes for the first goal, but we also lacked confidence and overall play. I’m pleased with the way the players reacted in the second half, but it’s a bad night. I’m the coach and I need to find the solutions.”

Zidane was then asked if he feels he is the right man to correct the situation. “Yes,” he replied. “I think I’m capable of fixing this and that’s what I’ll try to do. The players will too. We need to find solutions and we will. The season has just started and we need to turn this around by being united. It’s a second bad match in a row, but now we have to prepare for the next match on Saturday.”

Sahetmyradov Meylis
IUHD student


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