Take care of your health!

As you know, in order to prevent adverse effects of climatic conditions on the body, the Ministry of Health and the Medical Industry of Turkmenistan strongly recommends everyone to use protective medical masks outdoors and in public places. Noting the fact that these summer days, there is an increased content of dust particles in the atmospheric air, with which it is possible for various infectious viruses to penetrate the territory of our country, the Ministry addresses all Turkmen citizens with a convincing appeal, “Take care of your health – wear masks!”

The residents and guests of our country have listened to this topical appeal. These days, on their faces, one can see hygienic masks, traditional disposable medical ones and those that can be used repeatedly, but at the same time, they must comply with the necessary requirements for their sanitary and hygienic treatment.

Viktoriya NOVIKOVA, NT.

Photo: Durdy ATAYEV

Source: https://www.turkmenmetbugat.gov.tm/en/articles/5780


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