Students-citizens of Turkmenistan spend their time with benefit!

Holidays is the best time to not only relax, but also to try something interesting.  Students from Turkmenistan who study at KIMEP University in Almaty, Kazakhstan decided to take part in the filming of an advertisement for their university. A new academic year is approaching, and therefore it is necessary to inform applicants about the possibilities of an international university as much as possible.

“I always wanted to take part in the filming for my university, but I was unsure. However, today I even managed to take part in the production of frames for the video, which inspired me to study video editing.  I was also pleased with the fact that my fellow students from Turkmenistan worked with me.  Also, I am very proud of my fellow citizens and glad that we have the opportunity to present our country,” notes Atayeva Menli, a third year student at KIMEP University.

 This is not for the first time that students, that study abroad, acquaint citizens of other countries with the culture of Turkmenistan.  More fairs, interesting events and cultural exhibitions await ahead, where our students will show themselves more!


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