Interest in mental arithmetic is growing…

“Altyn Göreç” educational center conducts training in mental arithmetic in the branches of Mary and Yoloten in the province of Mary, which greatly contributes to the development of children’s consciousness.

Mental arithmetic is a key and unique way of developing the intellectual abilities of children from 5 to 12 years old based on the language counting system.

This effective and useful method is applied in all branches of the Altyn Gorech Educational Center in Mary province as part of the Mega Mental Arithmetic course.  Children participating in this course can quickly and easily calculate addition-subtraction and multiplication-division functions with large numbers.

Children can also perform other movements at the same time while they are making calculations using the mental arithmetic method.  They can count sequential numbers on the screen, as well as activities such as dancing, singing, playing music, and performing various movements.

 Mental Counting:

1)Improves verbal and memorable math skills of children,

2)Improves children’s ability to pay attention and think,

3)Promotes the rapid development of children’s minds and talents,

4)Improves children’s creativity and problem solving skills.
Altyn Gorech educational center, Mary: +993 (522) 6-02-97


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