Ultimate Frisbee is a new sport of modern generation!

Ultimate Frisbee tournament took place last Sunday in “Ashgabat” stadium. This sport has not gained national recognition just yet as it is just in the process of getting popular amongst people in Turkmenistan. Tournament is held yearly by enthusiasts and fans of this kind of sport.

4 teams participated in the tournament this year. The time of tournament was decided to hold it in the evening, just after the heat of the day has passed, and breeze keeps players from getting too exhausted. Lighting in the stadium secured needed for tournament visibility.

There were 3 games in total:

1 game: PlayFox Ultimate – FlyFish Frisbee Team (4-4)

              Flying Sharks – Sub-Zero (6-5)

2 game:   PlayFox Ultimate – Flying Sharks  (5-3 )

                 FlyFish Frisbee Team – Sub-Zero (5-5)

3 game:    PlayFox Ultimate – Sub-Zero (5-3)

                 Flying Sharks – FlyFish Frisbee Team (4-6)

After all games, in order to choose a winning team, it is important to take into consideration all victories and loses of each team. So, for the victory of each game, teams get 3 points. However, if there is a draw, teams get 1 point. In case of a loss, teams get 0 points. Considering information mentioned above, please, see the results of the tournament:

1st place – FlyFish Frisbee Team – 5 points

2nd place – PlayFox Ultimate – 5 points

3rd place – Flying Sharks – 3 points

4th place – SubZero – 2 points

Teams, who scored the same amount of points, had to compete one last time in a final game. The result of the game is: FlyFish Frisbee Team-PlayFox Ultimate (5-3)

Also, there was a recognition of best players of the tournament:

1. Didar Ovezov, who has brought 11 points to his team (3 actual points, 5 assists and 3 interceptions)

2. Daniil Chakman, who took second place with 10 points (4 scored, 4 assists and 2 interceptions).

The youngest player in the tournament was Aylar Reimova from the Flying Sharks team, for whom this tournament was the first.  A large number of fans supported this particular team and, after the end of the tournament, we decided to talk to A. Reimova. 

Aylar, congratulations on your Ultimate Frisbee debut tournament and 3rd place.  What prompted you to engage in such a sport? 

– Thank you! I saw an advertisement on Internet about Frisbee, and it immediately caught my attention. After the first game, I decided that it is something that might be interesting. I really enjoyed the process of the game, and people there were really nice and friendly. Ultimate Frisbee was born in the USA. The game really reminds me of the atmosphere in the USA. As a FLEX alumnae, I am trying to get involved in as many American games as possible, and as one of the ambassadors of this program, it is important for me to spread the word about American sports among young people here, in my home country. That is why I decided to take off in this sport, and later involve more people.

Are you the only girl in the team? For how long have you been playing Ultimate Frisbee? Who is your mentor and what’s your role in the team?

– No, I am not the only girl in this sport. There were two girls in my team. I have only been playing for three months, but in my opinion, it is enough to understand the rules and the process of the game. I want to say special “thank you” to Adil Bagirov and Artem Shegunts for finding time for coaching and explaining rules and the process of the game. Also, I am really grateful to all members of this sport for encouraging me, and showing different techniques to use during the game. There are three main positions in the game: handler – scatterer, the main “thrower” in the team, who looks for development; longer – player (as a forward in soccer), which located closer to rival zone and should have good catching abilities; midl – player (helper), located in the center and assists to the handlers. Me and Sheker both are helpers in the team.

– Does player have to have physical advantages, and how this sport makes body stronger?

– Yes, it works better for you if you have physical strength. This sport requires running, jumping, and the possibility of falling is present as well. I run a lot, and it helps me to advance my endurance. When I just started playing, I needed a break every 15 minutes, but now I can be involved in the game up to 40 minutes and more. Additionally, it is also important to have a strategy in the game, and to develop your ability to calculate the pathway of a flying disc. This sport also improves coordination, motility, tenacity and calculation. It also helps you to keep your shape as you lose weight after each game.

What prizes are awarded to the winners of the tournament?

Teams, who got 3rd and 4th places, were awarded certificates of appreciation for their dedication and development of this sport in our country. Teams, who got 1st and 2nd places, were awarded certificates of appreciation as well along with medals and the Cup to winner team. I want to express my gratitude to sponsors of this tournament – “Melbourne Burger”, “Arassa Deñiz”, “Chocolate” for their support on organization issues and awards.

Where do you usually train? Are you planning to continue to participate in tournament? Can you please provide references for people who might be interested in this sport?

– In general, we train in “Ashgabat” Stadium each Thursday and Sunday at 20:00. In winter season trainnings are conducted in one of the halls of the Olimpic town. We are more than happy to welcome new members in our family. There is no age restrictions! The only thing we need is your passion, dedication and will to learn and to get fully engaged in the game! Below are references:

+99361124540 – Adil Bagirov; +99362487347 – Aylar Reimova

– Aylar, thank you so much for answering our questions! I wish you all the best and hope Ultimate Frisbee will be widely recognized in Turkmenistan very soon!


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