The glory of nature

On May 1, 2020 in the exhibition hall of the State academy of art of Turkmenistan opened the exhibition “Neutrality is my pride, art is a treasure”, which is dedicated to creativity of Azat Annayev. The creativity of the famous teacher distinguished by its versatility. He can be called a writer, who seamlessly assimilates the works of his contemporaries; he can also be called a journalist, who writes countless articles. But in fact he is “an artist and art critic”, who devoted whole life and creativity to art and culture. He skillfully shows his talent and ability in landscape works. Among them the most successful can be called the seascapes. They are differed by their expressiveness and charm. On the works “Lake on the mountain”, “Cloudy weather”, “Rain, sun, sea”, “There is a storm” and etc. organically combined the color and lighting. His works are painted in the style of impressionism. He tries to create natural aspects of life and the world. Art works, that glorify the beauty of our nature and Motherland occupies a prominent place in the art of the national painting.


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