Higher education in Romania

Turkmenistan holds a competitive selection process for higher education in Romania.

The Ministry of education of Turkmenistan selects students for higher education in Romania for the academic year 2020-2021.

Citizens of Turkmenistan are admitted to higher education institutions in Romania according to the following criteria:

  • Age – no older than 35 years;
  • The presence of General secondary or secondary vocational education in the higher education program (under the program of postgraduate professional education doctorate-master’s degree);
  • Knowledge of relevant foreign languages;
  • Based on the results of entrance exams on a competitive basis.

Admissions Committee of the Turkmen state University named after Makhtumkuli provides information about the list of specialties and the number of places in higher education institutions in Romania, as well as about the conditions of study.

Documents are accepted in Ashgabat by the admissions Committee of the Turkmen state University named after Makhtumkuli from April 25 to May 4, 2020.

List of required documents:

  • application and questionnaire for citizens of Turkmenistan according to the established forms;
  • document (original) on General secondary or secondary vocational education;
  • medical certificate in the form established by the Ministry of health and medical industry of Turkmenistan (medical certificate issued to applicants to higher educational institutions located outside of Turkmenistan);
  • characteristics from the last place of study or work (military unit);
  • twelve 3×4 cm photos;
  • a certified copy of the work record for employees;
  • winners of the state Olympiad of school students, members of national teams of Turkmenistan who participated in international Olympiads in General education subjects, who enjoy the preferential right to enroll in state institutions of secondary and higher professional education, provided that they successfully pass the entrance exams, pass the original of the relevant documents confirming these conditions.

The admissions Committee must present the originals and submit copies of the following documents:

  • passport of a citizen of Turkmenistan, as well as a passport for leaving and entering Turkmenistan;
  • those who served in the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan — a military card, and young men who did not pass military service — an attached certificate and a certificate from the military Commissariat at the place of residence.

If necessary, the admission Committee of the University may request additional information from the applicant required to travel to study in foreign countries.

The applicant is personally responsible for incorrectly provided information and documents.

Entrance exams and selection will be held in Ashgabat, at the Turkmen state University named after Makhtumkuli from 9 to 12 may 2020.

Entrance exams are conducted in the form of testing in General education subjects, as well as interviews on the history of Turkmenistan (for those entering the doctoral program — an interview in the direction of professional training, as well as on the history of Turkmenistan).

The test is conducted in writing, and the interview is conducted orally in the official language of Turkmenistan.

Persons who fail to appear for the exam at the scheduled time or fail to pass the exam in one of the subjects are not allowed to take subsequent exams.

Address of the Turkmen state University named after Makhtumkuli: Ashgabat, Saparmurat Turkmenbashi avenue, 31;

Phone number: 94-69-90, 94-54-29.


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