Turkmen sport in the epoch of happiness

16 March of 2020 year in the Exhibition hall of the State Academy of Art of Turkmenistan opens a creative exhibition “Turkmen sport of the epoch of happiness” dedicated to the theme of sports. The exhibition features more than 110 works of painting, graphics, sculpture, architecture, design and decorative art of young artists.

Artists were always attracted by physically perfect bodies, rhythm and plastic movements. The works presented at the exhibition are an admiration of the beauty of a people and their will to win. The exhibition makes it clear that sport is an invaluable source of creating pieces of art with ready-made composite material, expressive plastic, and a diverse spectrum of human emotions. When creating the image of time, the aesthetic ideal, sport, on the one hand, enriches artists with new opportunities, on the other, it offers non-standard solutions to artistic problems, and unexpected design techniques. Sports such as show jumping, volleyball, basketball, athletics, gymnastics, figure skating, sports dancing, tennis, swimming, bowling, chess were clearly reflected in students’ work.

The humanistic mission of the sport is a hot topic and presents great subjects for fiction. The development of Turkmen sport, the victory of athletes, the benefits of sport in human life are reflected in compositions and sketches of various art forms.

Jeren Baltayeva,

Teacher of the Department of art history State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan


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