“Alym Sarayli” offers online courses with international certifications

Webinars – an innovative format of training in finance, audit, and management with international certification in the Training Center “Alym-Sarayly”

Currently, thanks to the rapid development of technology and the introduction of innovative tools, new forms of training are emerging that allow you to learn and engage in self-education without leaving your home or in the office.

Almost everyone has heard the word webinars. And yet, what is it – webinars and what is their advantage in education? Today webinars are one of the most progressive and effective distance learning tools. The webinar comes from the two words “web” and “seminar”. In other words, a webinar is a seminar that runs online.

What is the benefit and advantage of training in the format of webinars? This format makes it possible to increase knowledge and learn wherever you are, whether at home, in the office, on a business trip – you just need to have access to the Internet. Even if you were not able to participate in the online webinar, you will soon receive entries and all delivered materials via e-mail. With the materials at hand, you can review the notes or do as much as is necessary for its comprehension and at a convenient time for you.

A few years ago, the Training Center “Alym Sarayli” together with the company “Alterra”  the international center for advanced training of financiers, auditors, and managers, launched a new partnership project to promote international programs conducted in the format of webinars. These are programs of internationally recognized institutions such as the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA, UK) and the Certified Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA, UK), the International Association of Accountants (IAB, UK), the International Association of Professional Accountants (IAAP, UK) and the International Alliance of professional business elite.

These training programs, the only ones in our country, are intended for those who would like to become a specialist in the field of finance, audit, management, as well as for practicing specialists who seek to improve their qualifications and professional level and, finally, receive an international certificate confirming their high level of knowledge.

In addition to the fact that these programs are recognized all over the world, the advantage is that you can also take the exam online without leaving your home or office, except for the ACCA and CIMA exams, which must be taken in countries where they operate accredited centers.

The coordinator of the Alterra project, a teacher at the Center, Meirjamal Metbagirova, expressed hope that such a training format and the international programs themselves will be widely recognized in our country, as they satisfy the growing need for modern, relevant knowledge in the field of finance and management, which should be easily accessible.

The employees of the center, Gulya Khummedova, and Aisoltan Garlyeva, who have been attending webinars for a while now, note their originality and convenience.

Ashgabat resident Elena Akmuradova, who received the International Certificate of the International Association of Professional Accountants (IAAP) under the program “Accountant in Excellence”, said: “Now I am at home, I am raising a small child, so I could not find a training center that I could attend at my convenient time. But Alterra webinars are what I was looking for. ”

The training center “Alym-Sarayly” offers a wide range of programs and pieces of training in the field of economics and finance using a variety of innovative teaching methods.


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