International Intellectual Property Day

Every year since 2001, April 26 is celebrated as the World Intellectual Property Day.

The General Assembly of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) at a meeting in October 1999, having considered the proposal of the Chinese delegation, decided to establish this holiday. In doing so, she proceeded from the premise that April 26 marks the founding of WIPO, an organization dedicated to promoting the protection and development of intellectual property worldwide, and which, as the UN specialized agency for creativity and intellectual property, is working primarily to expand and developing a balanced and accessible international intellectual property system.

World Intellectual Property Day provides an opportunity to highlight the importance of innovation in everyday life and the improvement of society. Patents, trademarks, copyright and related rights, as the results of creativity and knowledge, are powerful tools for promoting the economic and cultural development of the entire world community. An effective intellectual property system that balances the interests of inventors and creators with those of society at large, harnesses the strength, energy and skill of inventors and creators to create new technologies and forms of creative expression that enrich and improve our lives.

An environment in which innovation and creativity thrives and that supports diversity and inclusiveness increases our chances of tackling the important challenges facing humanity, fosters progress, and helps us lead healthier, safer and more comfortable lives.

Therefore, traditionally, on this day, various thematic events, actions and campaigns are held, the purpose of which is to draw the attention of the world community to the problems faced by the World Intellectual Property Organization in solving its tasks, as well as in order to inform society about what constitutes intellectual property and how the system of its protection contributes to the development of many areas of progress: from art to innovative technologies. And the WIPO CEO is distributing a festive message to his regional representatives. Every year events on Intellectual Property Day are dedicated to a specific topic. So, over the years, the Day’s mottos were: “The future is being created today”, “Make intellectual property a thing”, “It all starts with ideas”, “Green innovations”, “Creativity is the next generation”, “Creativity is the world cult of cinema”, “ Get up, get up! To the music! “,” Digital Creativity: Rethinking Culture “,” Innovation: Improving the Quality of Life “,” Driving Force of Change: Women in Innovation and Creativity “,” In the Struggle for Gold: Intellectual Property and Sports “,” Innovation for Green “future” and others.


Ayna Ovezgeldiyeva,

 1st year student of International Law Faculty of
The Institute of International Relations of 
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan


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