Winter holiday is enriched with sportive events at Goekdere

Hundreds of school children are currently spending their winter holiday at Goekdere Children Resort Zone located in the west mountainous of Ashgabat.

Number of musical, social and sportive activities are conducted here.

As reported by, team of M. Niyazov Children’s Resort won the first place at Chess Competition among school students born in 2004-2009. Chess teams of «Beýik Serdaryň ruhubelent nesilleri» and «Nebitçi» Resorts won second and third place consequently. Event was held at «Şöhle» Children’s Resort.

Team of «Bagtyýar nesiller» Resort won first place at the Checkers Competition among school children born in 2004-2008. «Ýaşlyk» and «Şöhle» resort teams got second and third place accordingly.

There was also Morabara competition among children born in 2004-2009. Winner of this competition was team of «Şöhle» resort, while «Beýik Serdaryň ruhubelent nesilleri» team got second and «Altyn sümmül» team got third place.

«Nesil» Children’s Resort hosted competition of traditional and mobile games among school students born in 2005-2008.

Team of «Çynar» Resort has become the winner of the competition. «Nesil» and «Beýik Serdaryň ruhubelent nesilleri» teams have won second and third prizes consequently.

Events are organized in cooperation of Ministry of Sport and Youth Policy, Ministry of Education, Municipality of Ashgabat City and Democratic Party of Turkmenistan.


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