Dovletzhan Yagshimuradov: I’m always getting ready like it’s a championship fight

#1 light-heavyweight contender, Dovletzhan Yagshimuradov, has spoken about his upcoming title fight against Batraz Agnaev at ACB 86 on May 5th.

You were suppose to fight Batraz at ACB 79, now you’re fighting him on May 5h, give us you thoughts on the change of date and how it’s effected your preparation? 

– First of all it’s all for the best. That fight at ACB 79 only helped me. It was a good experience. Now I’ll continue my preparation for Batraz Agnaev.

Your wins are always spectacular, how is it you are always able to do do that?

– I really like ACB. It’s an honor for me to fight here and spectacular wins is just something that happens. I’m just training hard and everything else is up to God. I’m never making any predictions, I’m not planning anything. I’m just following my instincts. We will see how my next fight goes and I hope it goes well again.

How is your preaparation going?

– I’m always getting ready like it’s a championship fight. I’m going over everything I can to win. I’m working on every single aspect of the game. So I’ll do all the same or even better for this upcoming fight.

How do you expect this fight turn out?

– Obviously, we both more of a strikers but we will see how the fight will go. It’s MMA you must be ready for everything. So I’m working on all disciplines, trying to be well-rounded. I hope I can show a great fight.



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